How Can Lactate and VO2 Max Testing Make You Faster?

Lactate and VO2 Max

How can Lactate and VO2 Max testing make you faster?

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, we all want to improve through proper training. When we talk about training, the focus is usually on duration or mileage while intensity only comes secondary. This can be detrimental to our performance since athletes tend to focus on merely doing the workouts rather than doing them well. The common problem is that people fall into the “more is better” mindset. We log more and more miles even if we’re doing the workouts slower and slower and making ourselves exponentially more tired.

This is where performance testing (e.g. lactate and VO2 Max Testing) comes in. By having a clearer picture of what our body is capable of, we can understand how hard or easy we need to push and the type of training we need to improve. Read more

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Get Your Geek On! Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution: What’s the Difference?

Oftentimes, the words accuracy, precision, and resolution are often mixed up or misused altogether. While this is forgivable in day to day use, it is taboo when it comes to science or engineering topics. Let’s differentiate the three and discuss their implication in sports science (i.e. lactate testing).

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Get Your Geek On! Lactate Testing vs. Lactate Threshold Testing: What’s the difference?

Lactate testing, by definition, is the measurement of lactate levels in the blood. It is performed through blood sampling (pricking) across a step-wise test of increasing intensity. It is very similar to blood glucose testing but with an athletic performance component.

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#KnowYourNumbers PH Tour 2016

Here at FlyingDonVCoaching, our advocacy is to help people train smarter by knowing their numbers – correct training zones.
The “Know Your Numbers PH Tour” is a step towards enriching the triathlon community even more – bringing lactate testing, bike fitting, and information about efficient and effective training closer to those outside Metro Manila.

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Lactate Threshold and Functional Threshold Power: What’s the Difference?

I’ve received several questions asking about the difference between FTP and Lactate Threshold. Most people for sake of simplicity interchange the two. However, let us take a step back and objectively look at the differences between the two.