Geek. Triathlete. Coach


Our goal is to provide each athlete, regardless of ability or experience, with the knowledge and tools (such as lactate testing, metabolic or Vo2 Max testing, sweat rate analysis, dynamic bike fitting, gait/form analysis etc.) to perform better.


We want to make scientific, data-driven, and evidence-based training simpler, easier, and more accessible for all athletes in the Phlippines and worldwide.

Geek. Triathlete. Coach


Don graduated at the top of his batch with a degree in Computer Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University. He was pursuing a career in academe as a college professor for the same university before he decided to follow his passion: sports. Don’s lack of athleticism challenged him. He then decided to take a smart and analytical approach to training to help him rapidly progress. Since 2010, he has racked up close to a hundred podium finishes and continues to be one of the top age group triathletes in the Philippines.

Don has now transitioned into a full-time triathlon coach as he continues to make his mark in the triathlon community. He is the first Ironman certified coach in the Philippines. He’s also one of the first PrecisionFit certified bike fitters, one of the first ISSA certified Sports Nutrition Specialists, and the first and only DNAFit certified professional in the country. A staunch advocate of smart and scientific training, he continues to innovate and pursue his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In January 2015, he set up the first triathlon specific performance lab in the Philippines bringing in blood lactate testing. vo2 max testing, dynamic bike fitting, sweat rate analysis, form/gait correction etc.  His lab has done over 2000 performance tests for hundreds of athletes. By using data and personalizing programs specific to the needs of each individual, drastic improvements can be seen. It’s all about understanding your body!