PREP: This is Preseason! (Part 2)

PREP: This is Preseason!

In line with the earlier article I posted, let’s get down to the specifics of what we should try and do during this long preseason. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of this time.

Work on your Technique – I always say that there’s no perfect technique but rather, there’s a technique that’s perfect for you. Think of the way we swim, bike, or run like your own handwriting. Each person has his or her own style that is innate and natural. To impose one style is not only very difficult, it’s also counterproductive. There are still ways we can tweak our technique without making it seem awkward or difficult. The most common way of addressing technique is through drills. Give the right drills by observing each person individually. 

Build your Strength – You don’t immediately feel the benefits of strength work in endurance sports such as triathlon. Nonetheless, it’s still very important and integral in our development. Despite participating in different sports and performing different movements, we still have our fair share of muscular imbalances and weaknesses and these need to be addressed. When neglected, such imbalances can lead to nagging injuries such as ITB, Plantar Fasciitis, Runner’s Knee, etc. Perform stronger, more efficient movements for longer periods of time as the season progresses with a strong foundation.

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PREP: This is Preseason!


2020 meant perfect vision, or so we thought. We saw things so clearly early in the year, but it turned into a cloud of blurriness and confusion. Our races got cancelled, our plans got derailed, and most of all, the smiles we used to wear were turned upside down.


A long layover like this is unfamiliar to most of us athletes. In our country, races and events happen all year round. We were always preparing for something, whether it be triathlons, duathlons, open water swims, or run races, . An event was always just around the corner. Maybe that’s also why things have been extra difficult for a lot of us. Events are usually lined up one after the other such that when something like this happens, we tend to lose focus. 


When we don’t have races lined up, do we stop training? To answer this question, let’s go back to why we started training in the first place and why we kept going all these months or years. If you’re like me, the thought of finishing a race challenged you and got you interested. You were excited at the thought of crossing the finish line and looking cool with all the gear you wore and used. That sense of excitement probably peaked as you began your training program and slowly died out as weeks or months passed. The scheduling, the fatigue, the expenses, and distractions can take its toll leading up to the race. A lot of people probably would’ve quit; but not you. You soldiered on despite the difficulties and knew your purpose for doing so. Quickly, you would have probably realized that the most difficult part of racing isn’t the race itself but rather the day to day commitment involved in preparing for it. The hardships we endured while training gives us that sense of accomplishment as we finish each race. The saying “nothing worthwhile ever came easy” makes more sense to us now. Read more

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Training with Power 101

Whenever we talk about cycling, terms like aero, lightweight, stiff, or low friction come to mind. Athletes often purchase such upgrades because of “free speed.” This means maximizing your current fitness level by increasing efficiency and minimizing energy loss. As such, things like aero wheels, aero helmets, ceramic bearings, and high modulus carbon fiber are mainstays in the peloton or transition area.

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So It’s The Off Season… Now What?

After the pressure, excitement, and hardships of preparing for your A race, nothing can be as fulling as crossing the finish line. Yet, once the festive and energetic atmosphere dies down, we’re left to stare blankly into nothingness. With no apparent race in the near horizon, what would drive us to push on with each training session?

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Get Your Geek On! Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution: What’s the Difference?

Oftentimes, the words accuracy, precision, and resolution are often mixed up or misused altogether. While this is forgivable in day to day use, it is taboo when it comes to science or engineering topics. Let’s differentiate the three and discuss their implication in sports science (i.e. lactate testing).