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Personalized Online Coaching

Personalized coaching takes into account your goals, abilities, and schedule. Our goal is to create a simple yet effective program that can help you achieve your goals without sacrificing work and family life. An integral part of personalized coaching are consultation sessions that can tackle anything and everything you need help in!

Lactate Testing

Lactate testing is arguably the best performance measure for sports. It will give you 3 main things…

  1. Your threshold or your red line. Knowing this will help you manage your efforts intelligently.
  2. Your zones. Each training zone has a specific purpose/effect. Accurately determining them will help make your program more time efficient and effective
  3. Your plan of attack. This is unique to lactate testing. We can determine what kind of workouts you need based on your results. I’ll give you sample workouts and recommendations to help you perform better.

Lactate testing actually simplifies training by giving you accurate results and a concrete plan to improve your performance

Metabolic (Vo2 Max) Testing

Metabolic testing is the science of analyzing one’s respirated gas relative to intensity. This has three main advantages.

  1. We get to determine your VO2 Max. This is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process. Knowing this will allow us to determine your current fitness level, and adjust accordingly.
  2. We can measure your calorie expenditure across different efforts. Oftentimes, the actual limiter in training/competition is nutrition not Vo2 Max or power. However, metabolic testing can help with this. Being able to measure how much fuel you need can prevent unnecessary weight gain, chronic fatigue, and the dreaded “Bonk.” We’ll give you a nutrition plan based on this.
  3. We identify your Respiratory Exchange Ratio. Vo2 Max or Metabolic testing will tell us if you’re a carb burner or fat burner. Developing oneself into an efficient fat burner is absolutely necessary for long distance racing success while utilizing fast burning carbs is important for power/speed. Knowing your RER will allow us to tweak your training and diet.

In a nutshell, metabolic or Vo2 Max testing is complimentary to lactate testing. Both tell us how big and efficient our engines are. They also pinpoint our weaknesses to help us improve and go faster!

Sweat Analysis

Measuring your sweat composition can tell us how much electrolytes you’re potentially losing. This is important as losing too much can lead to dehydration, cramping, or even dizziness or fatigue. With the data, we can come up with a proper fueling strategy that will maximize your performance!

DNA Testing

DNA Testing looks at particular variations in your genetic code. These genes are well-documented, well-researched, and tell a whole lot about your body. Depending on your results, we will know things like carbohydrate/fat sensitivity, power/endurance training response, recovery speed, antioxidant need, vitamin requirements (e.g. A, C, E, K, D, B ), salt/caffeine/alcohol sensitivity, lactose tolerance, omega 3 requirements, obesity risk, etc. Based on this one-time test, we can make sure we’re creating the best environment for your body to stay strong, injury-free, and healthy!

Dynamic Bike Fitting

We use high speed motion capture and digital analysis. Proper position, pedaling technique, and cleat alignment are adjusted to maximize comfort. This will not only help prevent injuries but it can also help you ride longer, produce more power, and finish stronger.

Speaking Engagements, Camps, and Workshops

Our goal is to help more people break out of their plateaus and bad habits. The more we help, the more we get to achieve. We are open to unique and specific engagements for teams, companies, and groups of individuals. Whether it be health and wellness, or a specific race or event you’re taking part in, we can help you!