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Longevity: Tips to Survive a Hectic Race Season

Like most of you, I love racing. I live and breathe triathlon and it’s the very thing that drives me crazy yet keeps me sane at the same time. Whenever I prepare for an event, I really try to dedicate as much time and effort that I can to ensure I’m at top form.

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#KnowYourNumbers PH Tour 2016

Here at FlyingDonVCoaching, our advocacy is to help people train smarter by knowing their numbers – correct training zones.
The “Know Your Numbers PH Tour” is a step towards enriching the triathlon community even more – bringing lactate testing, bike fitting, and information about efficient and effective training closer to those outside Metro Manila.

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BI3 Race Preview

The Bataan International Triathlon (BI3) is definitely one of the most unique and memorable races in the tri calendar. By design, it has been scheduled as one of the very last races of the year. This gives all athletes something exciting to look forward to before their season closes.

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Breaking Down the TriUnited3 Course

The swim is pretty straightforward. It consists of two loops and waters are generally calm. From experience, there are a lot of jellyfish during this time of the year. In the event that you get stung, don’t panic and proceed to the medic’s tent after. Unless the sting is very severe, it should not cause you any more trouble for the rest of the race. Remember to seed yourself well during the swim start. For everyone’s safety and convenience, those who aren’t very confident with their swimming abilities should stay at the back. This will lessen the effects of the dreaded “washing machine.”

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The Beginner’s Guide to Triathlon: A Primer to The Cobra Ironman 70.3 (Part 2)

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu
Have you signed up for the race?
If you were able to confirm your registration, CONGRATULATIONS! In doing so, you show willingness to dedicate yourself to accomplishing a seemingly insurmountable goal over the next few months. It will take discipline, some creativity, and a ton of persistence to successfully tackle the event. It will be difficult but it definitely won’t be impossible. To help you prepare for the season ahead, let me give you another set of tips on what to do.